A 3-year university course in Australia costs THB3,576,570 today. In 20 years, the cost will be THB11,470,540*

And that’s just the cost of education fees – for one child – without taking the rising cost of living into consideration. With a growing inflation rate and fluctuating exchange rate, you may find it increasingly tougher to fund your child’s overseas tertiary education.

Projected cost of tertiary education at a 6% inflation rate*

Total tuition fees (THB)
CurrentIn 10 yearsIn 15 yearsIn 20 years
Australia (3 years)3,576,5706,407,6808,571,46011,470,540
USA (4 years)4,680,0008,381,17011,215,89015,009,390
UK (3 years)3,500,0006,267,9808,387,95011,224,970

The longer you wait to fund your child’s education, the more it will cost you. And that could also eat into your retirement fund that you may have set aside. When it comes to your child’s education, it pays to plan early.

Preparing for your child’s education

Choose an investment strategy that will give you capital growth and income yield over the long term, as well as diversify your portfolio to spread the investment risks. As your child grows older, you may consider a more conservative asset mix.

More importantly, review and restructure your plan with your Relationship Manager on a regular basis to ensure that the rate of your investment growth is moving in tandem with the increasing cost of education.

Solutions for your needs

Recommended solutionsCore benefits
CIMB Junior Savers Account
( for Thai residents only)

What is it?
This solution is a savings account for youths
  • Lets you enjoy higher interest rates than a normal Savings Account
  • Provides a complimentary Personal Accident (PA) coverage for parents
Structured Products
  • Offers you 100% capital protection if your investment is held to maturity
  • Gives you potentially higher returns than a normal fixed income product
Mutual Funds
(for Thai residents only)
  • Diversifies your investment portfolio
  • Allows you to invest in foreign markets via FIF (Foreign Investment Fund)
  • Offers you a wide range of affordable and flexible investment options
  • Gives you convenience in subscription and redemption
  • Allows tax benefits as returns on mutual funds are tax exempt
Bancassurance Products
  • Gives an annual cash return every year in specific terms of coverage
  • No underwriting required and no health declaration questions 
  • High protection or maturity benefit returns
  • Short term of premium payments
  • You can add protection to parents who pay the premiums 

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*Source: and Cost figures have been converted into Thai Baht.

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