The best decisions are informed decisions

Your advantage as a CIMB Preferred member lies in your exclusive access to financial advice, a Relationship Manager who understands your investment portfolio, and the diverse investment products that you can choose from to fit your unique goals and risk preference.

Know which investments are best suited to you

Your Relationship Manager can help advise you on whether you are an aggressive, balanced or conservative investor and recommend products that are ideal for you.

Know where your money is now

Your Relationship Manager can help you diversify your investments and assets by periodically reviewing your portfolio and offering you advice based on dynamic asset allocation methodologies.

Know the world around you

Receive regular market updates and get access to the views of industry experts to help you keep up with the ever-changing financial landscape. Find out more about our financial advisory capabilities here.

Solutions for your needs

Recommended solutionsCore benefits
Retail Bonds
  • Provides you with a steady stream of income
  • Diversifies and balances your portfolio
Structured Products
  • Offers you 100% capital protection if your investment is held to maturity
  • Gives you potentially higher returns than a normal fixed income product
Mutual Funds
(for Thai residents only)
  • Diversifies your investment portfolio
  • Allows you to invest in foreign markets via FIF (Foreign Investment Fund)
  • Offers you a wide range of affordable and flexible investment options
  • Gives you convenience in subscription and redemption
  • Allows tax benefits as returns on mutual funds are tax exempt
Bancassurance Products
  • Gives you an annual cash return every year in terms of coverage
  • High protection or maturity benefit returns
  • Short term of premium payments
  • Individual income tax deduction 

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