A 3-year university course in Australia costs USD115,373 today. In 20 years, the cost will be USD370,017*

And that’s just the cost of education fees – for one child – without taking the rising cost of living into consideration. With a growing inflation rate and fluctuating exchange rate, you may find it increasingly tougher to fund your child’s overseas tertiary education.

Projected cost of tertiary education at a 6% inflation rate*

Total tuition fees (USD)
Current In 10 years In 15 years In 20 years
Australia (3 years) 115,373 206,699 276,498 370,017
USA (4 years) 150,967 270,360 361,802 484,173
UK (3 years) 112,903 202,192 270,579 362,095

The longer you wait to fund your child’s education, the more it will cost you. And that could also eat into your retirement fund that you may have set aside. When it comes to your child’s education, it pays to plan early.

Preparing for your child’s education

Choose an investment strategy that will give you capital growth and income yield over the long term, as well as diversify your portfolio to spread the investment risks. As your child grows older, you may consider a more conservative asset mix.

More importantly, review and restructure your plan with your Relationship Manager on a regular basis to ensure that the rate of your investment growth is moving in tandem with the increasing cost of education.

Solutions for your needs

Recommended solutions Core benefits
Dual Currency Investment

What is it?
This solution lets you invest in two major currencies of your choice.
  • Wide array of currencies: Select your preferred Investment and Alternate currency from a choice of Australian Dollar (AUD), Great Britain Pound (GBP), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), Thai Baht (THB), and Singapore Dollar (SGD)
  • Short Term: Choose from investment duration options of 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. Upon maturity you may choose to reinvest for higher returns
  • No sales charges or annual fees: Get more out of your investment by saving on upfront fees and annual charges
  • Potentially higher returns than Fixed Deposits: Capitalise on exchange rate movements to earn higher returns

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*Source: and Cost figures have been converted from Ringgit Malaysia into US Dollar.
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