Because priority banking is about attentive and personalised service, we go to great lengths to ensure that your every wealth management need is taken care of. From formulating a financial plan to seeking prompt resolution to an issue, you can expect individualised attention from us.

Consult your Relationship Manager

As a CIMB Preferred member, you will be designated a Relationship Manager who will:
  • Understand your unique needs, preferences and risk appetite
  • Formulate financial planning strategies to meet your goals
  • Recommend financial solutions that are best suited for you
  • Offer financial views and advice that are endorsed by the experts within CIMB Group
  • Review and rebalance your investment portfolio to maximise your returns
  • Assist you in your banking needs and enquiries

Contact CIMB Preferred At-Your-Service

Telephone: (+65) 6333 1111
Facsimile: (+65) 6508 3494

On your behalf, CIMB Preferred Call Centre can perform transactions and services such as:
  • Fund transfers to your own or third party accounts
  • Payments to your credit cards
  • Fixed Deposit placements and upliftments
  • Remittances
  • Auto Debit or Standing Instruction setup and cancellation requests

Visit our CIMB Preferred centres or CIMB Bank branches

Simply present your CIMB Preferred Recognition Card to enjoy instant recognition and hassle-free banking at all CIMB Preferred centres and CIMB Bank branches in Singapore and across the region.
Allow us to assist you
(+65) 6333 1111