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Your advantage as a CIMB Preferred member lies in your exclusive access to financial advice, a Relationship Manager who understands your investment portfolio, and the diverse investment products that you can choose from to fit your unique goals and risk preference.

Know which investments are best suited to you

Your Relationship Manager can help you determine if you are an aggressive, balanced or conservative investor and recommend products that are ideal for you.

Know where your money is now

Your Relationship Manager can help you diversify your investments and assets by periodically reviewing your portfolio and offering you advice based on dynamic asset allocation methodologies.

Know the world around you

Receive regular market updates and get access to the views of industry experts to help you keep up with the ever-changing financial landscape. Find out more about our financial advisory capabilities here.

Solutions for your needs

Recommended solutions Core benefits
Dual Currency Investment

Invest in major currencies of your choice.
  • Extensive range of currency pairs to invest in
  • Potentially higher returns than local currency Fixed Deposits
  • Tenures from as short as one week
  • Zero sales charge and management fees
Equity Linked Notes

Enhance your yield on your investment and invest in shares at a discount
  • An opportunity to invest in Ordinary shares at discounted prices
  • Potentially higher returns than Fixed Deposits
  • Short tenures from one to three months
  • Zero sales charge and management fees

Debt instruments that make periodic interest payments throughout their lifetime and principal repaid at maturity
  • Steady stream of income
  • Portfolio diversification and balancing
Structured Deposits

A combination of a deposit and an investment product where returns are usually dependent on the performance of underlying financial instruments
  • 100% capital guarantee if held to maturity
  • Potentially higher returns than Fixed Deposits
  • Zero front-end fees and charges
Unit Trusts

A pool of funds which will be invested in securities managed by professional fund managers
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Access to global markets
  • Affordable and flexible investment options
  • Daily redemption based on daily market valuation
Bank Equities Investment

Cash upfront trading service that gives access to trade shares globally in all major markets.
  • Buy and sell equities through the bank channel at preferential offline commission rates
  • IPO placement opportunities

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